EZ Toric™
The mean preoperative keratometric cylinder was 2.41 D (range 1.5 to 3.25) and the postoperative refractive cylinder was 0.44 (range 0 to 0.75)

At day one, the mean axis misplacement was 6.3° (range 0 to 12°). At one month, the mean IOL rotarion was 1.2° (range 0 to 3°). None of the IOLs required realignment.

...the good tolerance of some axis misplacement of MBI EZ Toric IOL allows achievement of excellent postoperative visual outcomes.

The superior manufacturing capability of the MBI EZ Toric™ lens is compared to “other” manufacturer in the above topography and histogram. The transition edge between cylinder and sphere is much better defined by the MBI PreciSAL EZ Toric™ IOL.

Note: Presented at 2017 ESCRS Meeting in Lisbonne by Andre Dosso, M.D., Geneva, Switzerland.
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