About Us
Millennium Biomedical, Inc. (MBI) is a medical device manufacturing company. We are located in Southern California, USA, where our products are held to the highest global quality standards for sales and distribution worldwide.

MBI is an FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified company having CE Mark intraocular lens products, sold in the USA and the international markets. MBI was established in 1997 with the philosophy of exceeding our customer’s expectation by providing products of high quality at a reasonable price.

MBI possess the technical expertise and the development and manufacturing capabilities in order to deliver quality products and services. MBI has been engaged in the development, prototyping, and/or manufacturing of innovative products that are either in the market or will soon reach the market.

We have developed our own innovative and proprietary UV absorbing and UV+blue-light filtering Hydrophobic Acrylic, biocompatible and physicochemically stable material. This platform material has been used to produce several ophthalmic devices. A number of IOLs have been designed, manufactured, and CE Marked using this hydrophobic acrylic material. The three-piece and one-piece aspheric IOLs , Toric one-piece aspheric intraocular lenses and preloaded lens delivery systems are available for sales in European Union and other international markets.

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Devices are not approved for sale in the US.