Spectral Transmittance of MBI's Yellow Lens

PreciSAL 300A, 302A, P302A, PT302A

Which yellow lens do you wish for your patients?

PreciSAL Yellow is not the yellow lens you think it is.We believe PreciSAL will change the way you think about cataracts and give you the confidence to perform life-changing surgery, to believe in seeing again and restore what was thought lost.

It looks different because it is different.

PreciSAL Yellow lens gives your patients the clarity and filtering properties similar to the lens of a  4½ year old. They will have clearer and crisper vision. We believe your patients will see better and sleep better. Their lives will be transformed.

  • The Spectral light transmittance curve represents a 20.0D PreciSAL IOL

  • UV cut off at 10%T is 388nm

  • Human lenses data from Boettner and Wolter (1962)

PreciSAL Yellow IOLs (Yellow) are designed and manufactured in the USA. The MBI IOLs material developed by MBI are unique in its properties. MBI PreciSAL Hydrophobic yellow IOLs provide a blue-light filtering lens similar to a young natural crystalline lens in human. The MBI PreciSAL yellow IOL provides not only UV blocking properties for short wavelengths but also blue-light filtering characteristics for potentially better protection of the macula.