SEM Images

MBI has developed a proprietary Soft Hydrophobic Acrylic material that incorporates the most desirable UV blocking properties for their yellow and clear PreciSAL Intraocular lenses. Utilizing this base material, a unique family of intraocular lenses has been developed and CE Mark approved.

PreciSAL intraocular lenses are currently available in Diopter powers from 0.0D to +34.0D for monofocal and +5.0D to +34.0D with added +1.0D to +6.0D cylinder for toric IOLs.

The PreciSAL IOLs are designed to provide:

  • Sharp Square Edge to Minimize PCO

  • Excellent Centration

  • Slow and Controllable Unfolding

  • Flexible for Small Incision

  • Gentle in the Bag Placement

  • Superior Optical Quality

SEM image of PreciSAL one piece

SEM image of PreciSAL, Magnification: 1.000X